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DOERS (Davey Optical Equipment Repair Service) is a Canadian company specializing in the maintenance, repair and calibration of most brands and models of fiber optic installation and test equipment.

DOERS is owned and operated by Mary Ann (Sabat) Davey formerly of Northern Telecom/Nortel (Saskatoon, Sask.) and has accumulated over three decades of experience in all aspects of cleavers and splicers. She is considered an expert in this field.

DOERS is a Corning Cable Systems Certified Splicer Repair Center. This certification signifies that the personnel of DOERS has been duly trained by Corning on all aspects of maintenance and repair of its splicing products plus that Corning has reviewed and approved DOERS Quality procedures and processes. DOERS provides the same services that were provided by Corning in its splicer repair center in Hickory (North Carolina, USA), including warranty service.

DOERS provides calibration services in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. The standards used are traceable to NRCC and / or NIST. We warranty our work for 90 days and we offer bilingual service.


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