About Marcel Therrien

Vice President of Operations

A native of Montréal, Marcel started his career at Northern Electric (today Nortel) in 1974 as an electronic technician in the voice frequency testing department of the then new factory in St-Laurent. He then occupied several management positions in the assembly and test departments and in 1985 completed his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at University of Montreal’s Polytechnique.

In 1991 he was promoted to Manager of Building and Services, in charge of this prestigious edifice of 500,000 square feet, one of Nortel’s Centre of Excellence and the flagship of their Optical Division.

In 1995 he obtained his Master’s in Project Management from the University of Quebec and transferred to BNR (Bell Northern Research), the Research and Development division of Nortel, where he managed the Speech Recognition Laboratory on Nun’s Island in Verdun. In 1998, the beginning of the high technology sector’s recession ended his 24-year career at Nortel.

In 1999, Marcel joined CAE (Canadian Electronics Aviation) as Manager of Building and Services, a strategic function responsible for the management of the infrastructure and buildings (more than 1.2 million square feet) essential to the manufacture of the flight simulators of this world leader.

Marcel became Vice-President of Operations for DOERS in July 2001. He is responsible for all the support functions: business planning, human resources, accounting, procurement, engineering, facilities, marketing, and information processing systems.


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