The driving force in our business is our customers. We do everything we can to ensure they are satisfied. We take much care in delivering the highest-level of service that we can with every project that comes through our service centre. We GUARANTEE such high-level service through our Total Customer Satisfaction program. With each piece of equipment that comes through our service centre for repair or calibration our satisfaction program gives us a high bar to strive for and so keep our customers happy.


Our Total Customer Satisfaction program comprises three major elements: quality, speed and cost. These are the three elements that our customers care most about regarding the service of their equipment. We’ve detailed each element below so you can fully understand our commitment to your satisfaction.


DOERS creates and maintains Quality procedures specific to each different type of equipment, based on their published specifications. These very detailed documents ensure complete uniformity in the repair / restoration process, independent of which technician does the work.

Each piece of equipment also undergoes a final set of quality control checks to ensure that the critical operating parameters are met, prior to being shipped back to the Customer. A Certificate of Compliance is then issued and sent to the Customer. DOERS also keeps Quality records on file for each piece of equipment serviced.

Customer Complaints and Returns are documented and corrective actions are implemented to prevent recurrences.


At DOERS we understand that equipment downtime is very costly in terms of lost income for our Customers. In order to minimize this downtime, we aim to turnaround all equipment in ten working days or less.

To do so we keep a comprehensive inventory of spare parts on hand and we have quick-ship agreements with many vendors. We also work extended shifts and week-ends when necessary to meet Customer demand, including the occasional emergency service request.

We’re proud of our DOERS Service Motto:

“We do our utmost to get your equipment back in service as quickly as possible so it can continue contributing to your bottom line.”


Another element of Total Customer Satisfaction which clearly distinguishes DOERS from its competitors is cost. Our relatively small size, the physical location of our facility, our very talented personnel, and our savvy use of technology allows us to keep our overhead expenses at a minimum. We pass along these savings to our Customers by offering extremely competitive hourly rates.


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